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Environmental Policy

We are aware, not only of global concerns but also of our local environment.

Industrial activity inevitably affects the natural environment and the life of the local communities. As members of the local community, we share their concerns and are determined to ensure that we minimise any adverse effects that our activities may have on the environment.

We to strike an appropriate balance between meeting the needs of our customers and our desire to protect the environment. THERMOSPAN has, therefore, formalised its commitment towards safeguarding the environment in this statement of policy.

THERMOSPAN is committed to:
• comply with all existing environmental legislation
• regularly review the environmental performance of all company activities
• take environmental issues and factors into account when planning and developing activities
• minimise the environmental impact of the company's activities
• make informed contributions to the development of public policy on environmental issues
• collect information about the company's environmental impact
• respond to the needs and concerns of the community concerning the environment

THERMOSPAN, together with its supply chain partners, operates a recycling policy. This includes
• steel offcuts and other metals
• glass, cardboard, paper, and wood
• IT and other communications equipment